I Read Canadian!

February the 17th is a day to highlight Canadian books and I’m proud to say I’ve interviewed a few Canadian authors for my blog in the past. Now is the time to spread the word about Canadian books and support our local authors and indie bookstores. In Victoria, B.C. we are lucky to have Munro’sContinue reading “I Read Canadian!”

Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker: Read Aloud

Hello Readers! Pancake Day is February 16, 2021 and I’ve uploaded a read aloud video for you to enjoy! Katie Shaeffer, read by the author, (that’s me!) is a great book for your 3-8 year old, especially those who enjoy characters like Jillian Jiggs. And yes, those are my very dry hands in the video.Continue reading “Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker: Read Aloud”