Why Play Matters: Play as Therapy for Children

Welcome to my blog! Right now there are so many children all over the world who cannot attend school. Online learning at home is the alternative; not a perfect alternative, but it is what we have available right now. What I hope we all will remember is the value of play for children. Play isContinue reading “Why Play Matters: Play as Therapy for Children”

Connecting Families With Nature

As you may know, I’m living in beautiful British Columbia and if you listen to Dr. Bonnie Henry, she reminds us daily about how going outdoors is so important for our mental health, particularly during this time while we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. It will be Earth Day on Wednesday soContinue reading “Connecting Families With Nature”

Play, Outdoor Learning, and Raising Physically and Mentally Healthy Children

This video is a wonderful collection of comments on children’s play by some incredibly articulate human beings. If you want to understand why play is so valuable, you must watch this. Adults need to trust children to manage their own play and learning, not try to control it! If you have children in your life,Continue reading “Play, Outdoor Learning, and Raising Physically and Mentally Healthy Children”