Victoria Art Gallery: Family Sunday!

Did you know that the Victoria Art Gallery features Family Sundays? The program happens on the third Sunday of the month and provides an opportunity for hands-on art making activities for all ages.

Art meets science with food color, dish soap and homogenized milk.

Sunday, January 19th from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Victoria Art Gallery at 1040 Moss Street.

What do you like to do on Sundays? Share in the comments!

Raise a Reader Tip #3

Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy.  Check back for a new tip each week!

Tip #3: Let your child see you reading.

It could be a book or a magazine but make sure your child sees that you like reading. When your kids are playing on the floor, sit down with something to read.  If your child is old enough you can take the opportunity to explain about the difference between reading aloud and reading silently in your head.  This probably goes without saying but reading on your phone doesn’t count.  Role modelling is a most powerful teacher so if your children see that you like reading, they will get the idea that reading is a worthwhile pursuit.



Raise a Reader Series Tip #2

Welcome to my raise a reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy!  Check back weekly for my next tip.

Tip #2 Start your reading routine early in your child’s life.

The most important years to set your reading routine are the first six years of life.  You can start when your child is a baby snuggling in your lap.  Board books work great for babies.  Let your baby hold it and explore how the pages turn.  Talk about the pictures in the book.  Don’t feel you need to read every word.  Make it a cozy time that your baby enjoys.  A very short time is okay as long as you do it daily!

And if your baby is already a toddler or preschooler… that’s okay! Start now.  It is never too late.  If your child is in elementary school…start now!  There’s still time 🙂

Raise a Reader Series: Tip #1


Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging your young child to get into reading!  Stop by weekly for simple tips.

Tip #1 Make reading part of your routine.

It doesn’t matter when but make it part of your day.  Every day.  You could do this first thing in the morning.  My daughter used to love to get in bed with us every morning for a few minutes.  This was the perfect opportunity to read a book.  She was still a little sleepy and not quite ready to be on the go.

Bed time, bath time, right after breakfast or lunch….any time can be your regular reading time if you stick with the routine.  For awhile, just before dinner was book time for my four year old, who learned to work the CD player and could listen to a story on his own while I made dinner each day.

So, pick a time of day and stick with it.  Read every day.