Wednesday’s Inspiration: Peace

Thank you, Loretta Laroche. If you are reading this today, may you embrace acceptance and find the peace you are searching for. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday’s Inspiration: Family

May you and your family be happy and prosper, so that the whole world can do the same. Love your family. It will bring the most positive change in the world. Peace and love to all!

Wednesday’s Inspiration: Home

This is something we have always strived for in our family. We’ve reminded each other that this is our safe zone. The one place where we can feel free to just be who we are.

Scotland’s Outdoor Play Initiative

Scotland had planned to use the outdoors to accommodate more children in child care. And their planned increase in fully funded child care hours was interrupted by the pandemic. The outdoor play initiative was introduced for other reasons as well: to combat childhood obesity, to reduce screen time, to improve mental health and to increaseContinue reading “Scotland’s Outdoor Play Initiative”