Wednesday’s Inspiration: Home

This is something we have always strived for in our family. We’ve reminded each other that this is our safe zone. The one place where we can feel free to just be who we are.

Wednesday’s Inspiration: Acceptance

The longer I live, the more I believe that acceptance might be the best virtue to develop in yourself. It can serve you better than almost anything else in all situations.

Wednesday’s Inspiration: Happiness

Being raised by a Mom who struggled with depression, I often wondered about happiness. How do people find it? I like this answer. It is more about your own attitude than what you live with. I’ve talked with people who have witnessed this while visiting very poor communities. Sometimes the children living in the greatestContinue reading “Wednesday’s Inspiration: Happiness”

Wednesday’s Inspiration: Change

I’ve been thinking about how much change has happened in the world in 2020. If we cannot go with the flow, it make life much more difficult. Acceptance comes first.