This is the space where I share what we’re doing in nature preschool. My work as an Early Childhood teacher inspires my writing. Enjoy!

Day 1. This crazy year of 2020 keeps delivering the unexpected. In true fashion, we had to stay indoors because of poor air quality on a beautiful sunny day. Wildfires in Washington brought smoky skies to Victoria and we spent the morning indoors, finally going out on the trails after lunch. Happily, we met the caretakers of the trail, who allowed the children to help water one of the seedlings.

Day 2. What a pleasure to be giving these children such amazing experiences. The opportunity to slide down a giant rock was loved by all!

Here you can see my flower press. I’m saving these for children’s open-ended art projects…they’ll be great with a little glue. And once we’re underway, I hope the children will bring in their own flowers and leaves for pressing.

What’s on our bookshelf? Our preschool room is shared with out of school care for K/1 children. Here’s what we had to begin with but we are planning to have two separate book shelves; one that we think will appeal to our preschoolers and another that may appeal more to our K/1’s. But will be able to choose books from anywhere!

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