This is the space where I share what we’re doing in nature preschool. My work as an Early Childhood teacher inspires my writing. Enjoy!

Exploring the woods and the beach has been such a pleasure! These children walk 2-4 km every day and are so proud of themselves.

Flower press

Conversations from nature preschool…

Background: We do a lot of singing/listening to music played through my phone. Sometimes I get the most interesting requests.

Child: Can you play Joni Mitchell for Cattie?

Me: Who’s Cattie?

Child: Our caterpillar! 🐛 😂😂😂

Apparently Joni Mitchell is popular with caterpillars?!

Cattie the Caterpillar

Today’s conversation included the following topics:

-Donald Trump (he’s bad and has an orange face)

-Harry Potter

-COVID (when COVID is over you can jump on my trampoline)

-Luke Skywalker

Searching for insects (aka pets)

Today’s conversation:

Child 1: I was born on Vancouver Island.

Child 2: I was born in Disneyland.

Child 3: I was born in Maui.

Child 1: Disneyland is the best country.

*all the heads nod simultaneously