Nature Preschool

See what we’re doing in nature preschool. My work as an Early Childhood teacher inspires my writing. Enjoy!

Exploring the woods and the beach brings new delights and surprises! These children walk 2-4 km every day and are so proud of themselves.

Flower press


Background: We do a lot of singing/listening to music played through my phone. Sometimes I get the most interesting requests.

Child: Can you play Joni Mitchell for Cattie?

Me: Who’s Cattie?

Child: Our caterpillar! 🐛 😂😂😂

Apparently Joni Mitchell is popular with caterpillars?!

Cattie the Caterpillar

Today’s conversation included the following topics:

-Donald Trump (he’s bad and has an orange face)

-Harry Potter

-COVID (when COVID is over you can jump on my trampoline)

-Luke Skywalker

Searching for insects (aka pets)

Today’s conversation:

Child 1: I was born on Vancouver Island.

Child 2: I was born in Disneyland.

Child 3: I was born in Maui.

Child 1: Disneyland is the best country.

*all the heads nod simultaneously

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