Raise a Reader Tip #4

Tip #4: As you go about your daily life, read signs and labels to your child.  Just incorporate that into the things you talk about each day.  For example, when you’re in the grocery store you can ask your child to find their favourite cereal.  Sure, at first they are using a combination of picturesContinue reading “Raise a Reader Tip #4”

Raise a Reader Tip #3

Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy.  Check back for a new tip each week! Tip #3: Let your child see you reading. It could be a book or a magazine but make sure your child sees that you like reading. When your kids are playing onContinue reading “Raise a Reader Tip #3”

Raise a Reader Series Tip #2

Welcome to my raise a reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy!  Check back weekly for my next tip. Tip #2 Start your reading routine early in your child’s life. The most important years to set your reading routine are the first six years of life.  You can start when your childContinue reading “Raise a Reader Series Tip #2”

Raise a Reader Series: Tip #1

Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging your young child to get into reading!  Stop by weekly for simple tips. Tip #1 Make reading part of your routine. It doesn’t matter when but make it part of your day.  Every day.  You could do this first thing in the morning.Continue reading “Raise a Reader Series: Tip #1”

August Giveaway!

Yay!  Time to give away a copy of Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker… my first ever published picture book with illustrations by Paula Nasmith.  The winner will also receive a couple of art cards created by Paula and…. a $10 Amazon Gift Card!!! If your kids love Jillian Jiggs, they will love Katie Shaeffer.  Join KatieContinue reading “August Giveaway!”