Kid Lit Village is a place where authors join together to share their books, writing tips and more. It is a place to build community with other writers and illustrators.

Each Monday, there is an interview with an author or illustrator along with a feature on a new children’s book. Many of these are picture books, but board books and middle grade novels are also featured from time to time. The village is also a place to discover new books and get a behind-the-scenes scoop on how the book came into the world.

Our first big giveaway was Spring of 2021 and you can expect another giveaway later this year. So join in and support each other as we journey into the world of children’s literature knowing it really does take a village to create a book.

Maybe you are an author or an illustrator with a book coming out and you’d like to do an interview and blog feature. If so, please email kidlitvillage@gmail.com to inquire about opportunities.

So sign up! Follow the blog. Leave a comment and find ways to support book creators who are doing what they can to add to the body of quality literature for young readers.


  1. So excited to find your blog. It’s fantastic! 🙂


    1. cynthiahm says:

      Oh thank you, Serena! I hope you’ll stop by on Mondays for future Kid Lit Village interviews and that you’ll enjoy the inspirational quotes on Wednesdays. Book reviews are less often, but when I do them, they are posted on Fridays.


  2. Dianna Wilson says:

    So happy to find your blog!


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