Kid Lit Village Review: Doe’s Dandelions

Hello Lovely Readers! It’s Friday and that means time for a short but sweet picture book review. I’m happy to share my review of Doe’s Dandelions by Laura Renauld. The book is illustrated by Jennie Poh and published by Beaming Books! I’ve also got a great interview with Laura Renauld on the blog all about this book.

Doe’s Dandelions acknowledges the invasive nature of the weedy dandelion and celebrates the joy of the dandelion in the most kid friendly way. Doe and her friends are charming. The book is filled with beautiful moments from the ‘tiny suns’ spotted by squirrel to the snacking delights shared by porcupine. It is a joyful celebration of friendship and finding ways to appreciate something that might otherwise be unappreciated. The textures and patterns in Jennie Poh’s illustrations are gorgeous. The final petal parade celebration makes for a delightful ending to this spring time story.

5 stars

I must add that when I asked my preschool class their favourite part of the book, it was the petal parade! We might just have to have our own petal parade so that they can experience the same joy as Doe, Bear, Porcupine, and Squirrel.

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