Kid Lit Village Review: ALIEN TOMATO

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Thanks for stopping by the blog; I’m happy you’re here! It’s Friday, so time for another children’s book review. Today, I’m featuring ALIEN TOMATO by Kristen Schroeder and Mette Engell.

When a strange round red object lands in the garden, the vegetables wonder what it could be. All except gopher believe it has to be an alien tomato. Lots of humour in this story. Is it a red bouncy ball or is it actually Allie the alien? The suspense will keep readers turning pages.

4 stars

Do you have a favourite book about gardening or vegetables? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I love Alien Tomato! Another great (but completely different) gardening PB is FLOWER TALK: HOW PLANTS USE COLOR TO COMMUNICATE by Sara Levine and Masha D’yans.

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