The Dragonfly: A Good Omen

Hello Kid Lit Village Readers! Welcome to the blog. Life tends to speed by for me and every now and then I get some moments to reflect. It’s December now and I’m thinking back to last spring.

In May, we took a little exploratory trip to the Sunshine Coast, a part of our big beautiful province neither one of us had visited before. We stayed at a lodge by the sea, got a free room upgrade, and had a peaceful weekend admiring the view, walking on the trails, and eating delicious food.

When we arrived in the room, and I saw the dragonfly pillows, I felt good right away! This was a sign of something positive to come. I didn’t know what, but I felt it!!! Do you ever get that kind of intuition? Maybe not, and that’s okay, but for me, there are some moments in my life where I feel deeply some good news is coming. The dragonfly was my sign. It represents transformation. This could be the transformation from writer to published author that I had been working towards.

You see, I had been (and am still) working on a dragonfly picture book, and this gave me renewed hope for that story. Feeling encouraged about ALL my writing, I sent a few follow ups to queries I had been waiting on. It was shortly after this that I heard from Yeehoo Press that they were interested in IF A BUMBLEBEE LANDS ON YOUR TOE. Was it the dragonfly pillow or was it my extra efforts? I’ll never know for sure, but I’m glad I sent that follow-up. As a result, I’ve become a champion of the professional, well-timed nudge!

Will my NF dragonfly picture book sell? I don’t know for sure, but now that I’ve sold my first picture book, I believe in the possibility.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Come back any time! I wish you the best on your reading/writing journey.

Cynthia Mackey

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