Fall Writing Frenzy: Mr. Bones’ Thinking Spot

It’s time for Fall Writing Frenzy! I don’t do every contest but this one looked super fun and the 200 word limit is right in my sweet spot. Plus, what a great way to celebrate the fall season! I’m looking forward to reading all the entries. Scroll down for my story: MR. BONES’ THINKING SPOT. Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Here are the main rules copied from Lydia Lukdis’ website. I also have a link to her site below in case you want the full details.

Please note: this contest is for un-agenting writers.


1.Select one of the images below and write about it.

It can be a poem, a story, a mood piece, or whatever comes to mind. Happy, scary, beautiful, grotesque, whatever suits your fancy for any kidlit age, board book through young adult. You can write about the picture in a literal or metaphorical way, or focus on a memory or emotion it elicits. Just let the photo inspire you and have fun!

Maximum length: 200 words (not including the title).

2. Submit your entry between October 1 and October 3, 2022 11:59 PM EST.

Come back to this website and there will be a special blog post specifically for entries. You will enter your information to the form on the blog post, including the link to your blog post where you’ve posted your writing. If you don’t have a blog, no worries, you can post in the comments of the blog post. This is meant to create connections with others in the writing community so you visit (and maybe even subscribe to each other’s blogs).

One entry per person.

3. Share, share, share! Please spread the word about the contest with your writing groups, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

When you do, we’d love it if you tag us so we can interact too! Kaitlyn is @kaitlynleann17 and Lydia is @LydiaLukidis. And once the event starts, comment on other entries with supportive, encouraging messages. Don’t forget to use out official hashtag: #FallWritingFrenzy.

My Entry:

Brian Wangenheim for Unsplash

Halloween- Photo Credit: Brian Wangenheim for Unsplash

MR. BONES’ THINKING SPOT by Cynthia Mackey 

Mr. Bones had all his best ideas while lounging by the front porch. If he ever needed an idea, it was now, because Mrs. Bones just made a gigantic batch of caramel apples. 

This might have been a good thing if

  1. The kids were not away at Camp Haunted Hollow.
  2. Mr. Bones had chompers that worked.
  3. Mrs. Bones liked eating caramel apples, but… she only liked making them.  

Mr. Bones did NOT relish the smell of rotting fruit. Not to mention the wasps the apples would attract. It rattled his bones just thinking about it. 

Leaves fell like confetti from the trees. Mr. Bones thought and thought.

”WHOOOOO!”, called the neighbourhood owl. Mr. Bones thought some more. Confetti? Whooo?

“That’s it!” said Mr. Bones to no one in particular. “A party! But who can I invite?”

Along with all the skeleton-kids, the ghost-children had spirited away to Camp Haunted Hollow.

The werewolves were off prowling the western moors.

The vampires vanished on an extended vacation to Venezuela.

The Zombies had… wait! Zillions of zombies lived down the road on Zinnia Lane! 

Mr. Bones shivered with excitement as he wrote the invitations…

ZOMBIE PARTY TONIGHT – Eat, drink, and be scary!

Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment and I hope you’ll go and read some other entries! I plan to do that too. It’s great inspiration for your writing plus it will get you in the fall mood. Thanks to Kaitlin Sanchez, Lydia Ludkis and Alyssa Reynoso-Morris for hosting the contest!

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I am a preschool teacher/music teacher who loves to take photos and write stories in her spare time. My dream is to become a published author. Follow my journey as I work towards turning my dream into a reality.

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  1. This was so creative and fun! It amazes me to see the wildly different stories coming from the same prompt. Good luck in the contest.

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  2. We picked the same photo. How fun! I want to come to the party, 🙂 I like all the different spooky characters you pulled in. Best of luck! 🙂

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