Kid Lit Village Review: Everything You Need for a Treehouse

Hello Readers! I’m happy to have another book review for you. Thanks for visiting the Kid Lit Village blog! This picture book is by Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes: Everything You Need for a Treehouse. The title has such childhood appeal, I couldn’t resist this book! This book is published by Chronicle Books.

Everything You Need for a Treehouse

Treehouses are for wonder.
Treehouses are for snacks.
Treehouses are for whispers and snickers and echoes.
Treehouses are for everyone.
This magical work of art from acclaimed picture book creators Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes celebrates the universal wonder of treehouses and all the adventure that live among branches.

My Review:

Reminds me of my childhood!

This picture book is written in a lyrical style which I find so appealing. I love the way the book begins and ends with looking up at the trees, trying to find the ‘just right’ one for a treehouse. From tire swings to blankets to stargazing to construction tools, this book has a little something for every child. The detailed illustrations make for excellent re-readability.


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