Kid Lit Village Review: Once Upon a Jungle

Hello wonderful readers! Thanks for stopping by today. I’m doing a review of Once Upon a Jungle by Laura Knowles and James Boast. It was published in 2017 by Firefly Books.


Once upon a time there lived a jungle, but that was just the beginning… Delve into the undergrowth to discover the story of a food chain.

Once Upon a Jungle

My Review:

Brilliantly and simply written, Laura’s words take the reader through the jungle food chain from ants to panther, showing how animals depend upon one another. Even in death, the panther helps the soil become richer. Laura’s simple, straight to the point words paired with James’ bright bold illustrations bring the jungle to life and show the reader how everything is connected. There is back matter that details the parts of the food chain: sunshine, producers, consumers, decomposers, and nutrients.

Laura uses just enough repetition to engage young readers and weave together the threads connecting all jungle life.

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