Kid Lit Village Continues

Hello Readers, I just wanted to let you know that Kid Lit Village will continue, just less frequently than before. I have posted about this before but I know some may have missed that from earlier.

I LOVE doing the interviews, connecting with children’s book creators and learning about their new book releases. Sharing picture books is a delight for me and I hope it helps you discover new ones you perhaps hadn’t heard about yet.

I have to take care of my own writing life though, and that’s why the posts are less frequent. I’m trying to balance so that I can have a published book myself to share with the world. It’s a tough market out there at the moment!

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So here’s the bottom line. I plan to work on my own writing. Yes. At the same time, Kid Lit Village posts will continue once a month here. I’m super excited about some books coming out from the writing community.

The best part is… there are a few coming from my critique partners!!! Yay! I’m especially excited to share those with you. So keep coming back and reading, okay?

Have a wonderful week!

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