Mouse’s Kite – Spring Fling Entry

Spring Fling writing contest is hosted by Kaitlin Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal.

Write a story geared towards kids 12 or under and choose a gif to inspire your story. Your story should be under 150 words. No illustration notes.

Mouse’s Kite by Cynthia Mackey

Word count: 120

The clouds formed castles in the sky

I tingled with delight.

A whiff of pine-fresh breezes

made me wish to fly a kite.

With rainbow tail, my kite could sail,

as if it sprouted wings.

Gliding smoothly ‘cross the field,

past bursting blooms of spring.

So up we flew, then crashed into

the branches of a tree.

My whiskers twitched, my mind still itched

to fly and be carefree.

I found a rumpled paper bag,

affixed the twisty string

It soared just like a butterfly,

my heart began to sing.

I’m glad I kept on trying

to make my mouse kite fly.

When autumn comes, I’d like to bake

a scrumptious pumpkin pie.

Thank you to Alison Strick for creating and sharing the whimsical gif; it helped my story take flight. Thank you to Karyn Curtis and Keeley Leim for their critiques!


  1. Cute! What an adorable “tail” of perseverance.


    1. cynthiahm says:

      Thank you, Katie! Heehee.


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