Kid Lit Village: Gratitude

Kid Lit Village

Hello Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just want to thank all the children’s authors and illustrators who’ve shared their stories with me. It takes a leap of faith to put yourself out there and answer questions that are available to all on social media. Thank you for trusting me with your creative work and being a part of this Kid Lit Village community. I hope you all have a prosperous and healthy 2022! Stay in touch, maybe we can collaborate when your next book comes out. I’d love to see what’s next from you!

And here is a collage of the books featured in 2022 on Kid Lit Village!

And to my amazing and loyal readers! Thank you for stopping by and reading the interviews from these talented, creative people. I’m excited to offer you more in the coming year. I hope the posts will be fun, informative, inspirational, and maybe help you on your own creative journey. Have a wonderful year!


  1. David McMullin says:

    So many wonderful books and authors! Thank you for sharing them all.


    1. cynthiahm says:

      Thanks, David. I hope that you’ll go back and look for any specific authors/books that interest you or that you may have missed!


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