Kid Lit Village Review: Bringing the Outside In

Friday is review day on Kid Lit Village. Since book reviews are so helpful for readers, authors, and illustrators, I try to leave them whenever I can. BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN is written by Mary McKenna Siddals and illustrated by Patrice Barton. It is published by Random House Books for Young Readers. This book captured my attention since the title describes exactly what we try to do as a part of our nature preschool program. Even though we are outdoors every day, we do have to stay inside sometimes when it is stormy and that’s when we particularly appreciate the opportunity to bring the outside in.

BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN by Mary McKenna Siddals and Patrice Barton

This picture book is so rhythmical and easy to read. The words just roll off your tongue. And the delightful illustrations show many ways that children can enjoy the natural world. I love the authenticity of showing the mess and the clean up that comes with being outside. While reading this to my nature preschool class, they were enthralled. The rollicking meter really pulls readers in and the story is so relatable since it depicts all the kind of things we do in our preschool. A great book for encouraging children to experience the joy of the outdoors!

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