Kid Lit Village Review: SQUIRREL’S SWEATER

Friday is review day on Kid Lit Village. Not every Friday though, as this busy preschool teacher needs time to rest after being out on the trails with four year olds all day. Book reviews are so important to authors and illustrators, who put so much work into their creations and they help readers to find the books they are searching for. So consider leaving book reviews yourself. Goodreads and Amazon great places to leave your review. Even a one sentence review can be helpful.

SQUIRREL’S SWEATER by Laura Renauld and Jennie Poh

My Review of SQUIRREL’S SWEATER by Laura Renauld and Jennie Poh:

Squirrel is getting ready for winter warm up, and needs to find her beloved sweater. She’s surprised to find it doesn’t fit and goes to her animal friends to get help. A few of the things I love about the book: the sensory details from the smell of fresh pine to the chilly winter air, the way that Squirrel’s emotions are shown so authentically, the way Squirrel just knows her animal friends can be relied upon for help, and the pillow craft project in the back matter. This is a delightful book to celebrate the fall/winter seasons and the value of friendship. It also gives comfort to those who’ve lost a loved one. The multiple layers of this book make for great re-readability. It is part of the Woodland Friends series. Published by Beaming Books.

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