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Hello readers and welcome to Kid Lit Village. Here we are in October already! I am thrilled to give a warm welcome to, Karen Jameson, author of FARM LULLABY, which is her third picture book release and there’s more coming from Karen! FARM LULLABY is illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan and published by Chronicle Books.


With lyrical text from Karen Jameson (Woodland Dreams) and lovely illustrations from Wednesday Kirwan (Eggs Are Everywhere), this bedtime book shows every animal on the farm tucked in tight, drifting off to sweet dreams tonight! 

Farm-a-bye lullaby
Field and barn melt into sky
Moonbeams shine on evening blush
Nighttime’s blanket settles. Hush.

From the largest horse to the smallest mouse, every animal on the farm has a sweet, sleepy bedtime ritual. Curl up like a soft lamb, snuggle like a warm chick, and settle in like a cozy calf, letting this soothing farm lullaby lull even restless little dreamers into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Karen Jameson is the author of the lyrical picture books MOON BABIES (Putnam, 2019), WOODLAND DREAMS (Chronicle, 2020) , FARM LULLABY (Chronicle, 2021), and WHERE THE WEE ONES GO (Chronicle, 2022).  More stories are in the works! A retired teacher and active member of SCBWI, she holds a master’s degree in education.  Lover of books, wildflowers, farmers’ markets and everything chocolate, Karen writes from sunny Southern California.

Author, Karen Jameson

Karen, welcome to the Kid Lit Village blog. We’re happy you’re here!

Q. Tell us about the inspiration for your book.

 A. I wanted to write a lullaby book and was thinking about all the sweet lullabies that parents sing to their children at bedtime. I began to wonder how farm animals might go about “singing” their babies to sleep. Well, I reasoned that the duck might sing a “quack-a-bye ” and the horse might sing a “neigh-a-bye.” That set up the beginning lines for the story!

What a great starting point for a children’s book!

Q. What part of being a writer do you love most?

A. I love seeing my books in the hands of young readers! My two grandchildren, Henry and Violet, are at the perfect age for picture books and they love books so much that they HUG them.  Absolutely adorable!

Oh, it must be such a pleasure to read your books to your grandchildren.

Q. What do you hope readers will gain from your book?

A. A good bedtime story provides a quiet moment of comfort and connection for parent and child at the end of the day.  I hope that FARM LULLABY will be that warm, cozy book, bringing sweet dreams again and again.

I think that this book is also really good for young children whose second language is English. My preschool class has a few ESL students this year and these are the kind of books I like to read them because of the repetition and visual content.

Karen, thank you for spending some time with us today and all the best with the publication of FARM LULLABY!

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To My Readers: Thank you for stopping by today; I’m so happy you are here. Hope you’ll stop by next week for another great interview and children’s book feature!

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