Kid Lit Village Review: ORIGINAL CAT, COPY CAT

Hello Readers! It’s Friday, and I have a little time for a review post this week. Hooray! I had the opportunity to interview Sarah Kurpiel on Monday this week, so do have a look for the post if you’re curious to learn more about Sarah and the process of writing ORIGINAL CAT, COPY CAT.


I was able to get a copy of this book at my local library and here is my review:

ORIGINAL CAT, COPY CAT, published by Harper Collins

Pineapple was the only cat, and then along came Kiwi, a new cat. Suddenly, Pineapple’s comfortable routine was interrupted. I enjoyed how the author showed the way Pineapple at first felt disrupted by Kiwi, came to care about Kiwi and eventually discover new worlds because of Kiwi. Through the book, the reader will see the friendship between the cats grow closer. The final line closes the story but still leaves the reader with a question: who is really the copy cat? The readers will enjoy the character’s journeys here and her illustrations are adorable. A lovely book about friendship!

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