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Hello Readers,

I’m back from a summer blog break! It’s sometimes hard for me to believe but I’m now the author of two children’s books, KATIE SHAEFFER, PANCAKE MAKER and THE LULLABY MONSTERS. Huge thanks to Paula Nasmith, who did the illustration work and collaborated with me on both books. I love her pink dragon and the cookie loving monsters.

What did I do to celebrate the publication of these books, you might ask? Honestly, not enough. I had ideas for book launches but life got in the way, I guess. And with the second book, THE LULLABY MONSTERS, a pandemic got in the way too.

Just in case you’re not familiar with these books, my KATIE book has a fun repeated refrain that gets kids involved and is great to read aloud. It’s also a book about friendship. It has a pancake recipe in the back so make sure you have the ingredients on hand before you start reading the book so you can go straight into pancake-making afterwards. If you’re reading this at bedtime, you can always promise pancakes for the next morning.

THE LULLABY MONSTERS is an early chapter book so you can read a couple of short chapters at a time to draw out the suspense or read it all at once. It’s great for a new reader who is developing confidence to a younger sibling. A celebration of sibling relationships and bedtime routines, this book’s monsters are adorable and surprisingly, they have fears too! If you’d like a recipe for the monster cookies, it’s posted here. If your child loves magic, teddy bears, picnics, and dragons, this book has it all!

I love to hear from readers so do let me know if you’ve enjoyed these books! Send a photo of your child enjoying the book and I’d be happy to share it here on the blog.

Or send me a photo of MONSTER COOKIES or KATIE’S PERFECT PANCAKES. I’d love to see you and your children baking together!

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Stop by soon and check out my upcoming author/illustrator interviews as well as book reviews and Wednesday inspiration! Visit any time. Have a wonderful week.

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