Happy Friday from Kid Lit Village!

Hello and Happy Friday from Kid Lit Village! I’m back from my blog break today to give you a bit of a sneak peek into what’s to come this fall. I’m really excited about the interviews and great books I’ve got lined up. It’s been a pleasure to connect with the kid lit community. The interviews are enlightening. It’s been fun. And what a great opportunity to learn from all of these wonderful creators. It is truly an honour.

Here’s a preview of this fall’s blog schedule:

Mondays: interviews with authors, illustrators paired with a feature on newly released kid lit books.

Wednesdays: inspirational quotes and photos from Canada’s west (and sometimes wet) coast.

Fridays: (intermittently) Kid Lit Village book reviews are shared, often a follow up from the Monday Kid Lit Village interviews.

Lullaby monster
by illustrator, Paula Nasmith

For curious minds, here’s a list of upcoming interviewees!

September 6 Jamie Michalak

September 13 Jane Smith

September 20 Laurie Elmquist

September 27 Sarah Kurpiel

October 4th Karen Jameson

October 11 Nikki Bergstresser

October 18 Gabi Snyder

October 25 Kate Allen Fox

November 1 Laura Renauld

November 8 SCBWI Vancouver Island aspiring creator TBA

November 15 Annelouise Mahoney

November 22 Anitra Rowe Schulte

November 29 Violet Lemay

December 6 SCBWI Vancouver Island aspiring creator TBA

And now I’m feeling super organized going into fall with all these great posts ready (or almost ready) to go! Hope you’ll stop by and read them all when you get the chance.

Readers: Thanks for stopping by Kid Lit Village blog!

Did you know, I’ve written a couple of books too?

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Hope to see you back here next week. Have a great day.

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