Village Review: ABC RISE UP AND BE

by Annemarie Riley Guertin and Sandie Sonke

Book Review:

ABC RISE UP AND BE is three books rolled into one. It’s an ABC book, It’s a book about being the best human being you can be, and it’s about some inspirational historical figures who are fabulous role models for all of us to be our best selves.

I truly wish I’d written this book as it is a book after my own heart. I love historical figures, biographies and instilling values in children. Using real life models are such a powerful way to do that. Each page of this book features a virtue to orient yourself towards becoming. Doesn’t every parent/teacher want their children/students to become accepting, big-hearted, courageous, daring, encouraging, and more? Annemarie’s words bring concrete action to adopting these virtues and Sandie Sonke’s bold illustrations depict people from diverse backgrounds acting in virtuous ways. The back matter gives a short two sentence biography of inspirational people from Albert Einstein to Walt Disney. This book is a sure hit for teachers, librarians AND families!

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