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Hello Readers! I’m glad you stopped by Kid Lit Village today. This week, I’m featuring non-fiction picture book, WHALE FALL CAFE by Jacquie Sewell and Dan Tavis in which readers can discover a new world in the deep ocean. It is available now for pre-order and published by Tilbury House Publishers with a release date set for April, 2021.

WHALE FALL CAFE BY Jacquie Sewell and Dan Tavis

Book synopsis: In Whale Fall Cafe readers journey to the deep ocean floor where an amazing ecosystem has developed on a dead whale. The hidden world of whale falls was serendipitously discovered in 1987 by Dr. Craig Smith. Since then scientists have identified an engrossing ensemble of “diners”, some found nowhere else on the planet. Creatures like hagfish, giant roly-polies, and zombie worms will intrigue readers of all ages. 

I’d like to welcome Jacquie Sewell to the blog. Thanks for doing the interview, Jacquie!

Jacquie Sewell, children’s author

Please tell us why you write books for children.

We live in an amazing world. I love learning about all of God’s creation and the men and women who’ve made the world a better place through their discoveries and perseverance. Learning their stories helps us write a better story for our own lives. I also love children and their innate sense of curiosity. Writing children’s books allows me to connect children with the fascinating world and people around them and that gives me great joy.

Jacquie, I also love that opportunity that writing children’s books provides for fostering connections with the world. It is such a great way to support children’s growth and development!

Share a piece of advice for children’s writers.

As a children’s author I believe our first responsibility is to the children. Not to a marketing campaign or a cause or even our own agenda. To truly serve children we must know them and love them. Children’s writers should understand at least the basics of child development. We should know what makes a child laugh. What they’re afraid of. What THEY care about. To do this takes time. Time spent with children. Time reading children’s books that  children love – the ones they want to read (or be read) over and over again. Time learning about child development. Once you know and have a heart for children you can begin to share your stories with them.

Well said, Jacquie! When a writer truly understands children deeply, then it becomes possible to create excellent literature that really capture’s a child’s heart and mind.

8. What do you hope readers will gain from your book?

I hope Whale Fall Cafe inspires readers to “go deeper” – to get excited about the oceans and the creatures that inhabit them and to want to learn more. The ocean is our last frontier – so much of it is still unexplored. Scientists are discovering new species in the ocean depths almost daily! Because 70% of our planet is covered by ocean it is vital that we all appreciate this awesome resource and work together to protect it.

As a person who has lived by the sea for almost my entire life, I am so intrigued by the unseen world that is incredibly vast and diverse. What a great book to introduce children to an important part of our world!

Thank you for the interview, Jacquie!

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