Kid Lit Village Spring Giveaway!

It is time for our Kid Lit Village Spring Giveaway. It has been such fun to feature all these amazing new authors and illustrators from the Kid Lit community. In celebration of spring and our growing village of children’s book writers and illustrators, We are super excited to offer the following prizes:

Prize 1: Picture Book Critique up to 500 words by Ana Siqueira, author of Bella’s Recipe for Success

Read Ana’s Kid Lit Village interview on July 12th!

Prize 2: Non-Rhyming Picture Book Critique up to 800 words by Rebecca Kraft Rector, author of Squished Squashed Squished

Read Rebecca’s Kid Lit Village Interview here!

Prize 3: Fiction Picture Book Critique up to 500 words by Charles Trevino, author of Seaside Stroll

Read Charles’ Kid Lit Village Interview here!

Prize 4: Fiction Picture Book Critique up to 500 words by Cynthia Mackey, author of The Lullaby Monsters

Read about Cynthia’s books here! Cynthia is the creator of the Kid Lit Village blog.

Prize 5: Picture book, FREAKY FUNKY FISH (US Residents only) by Debra Shumaker

Read Debra’s Kid Lit Village interview on May 24th!

Prize 6: Picture book EAT UP BEAR! (US Residents only), by Terry Pierce

Read Terry’s Kid Lit Village interview on April 19th!

Prize 7: Picture books, THE LULLABY MONSTERS and KATIE SHAEFFER by Cynthia Mackey (Canadian Residents only)


Prize 8: Picture book, A GIRL’S BILL OF RIGHTS (US Residents only) by Amy Mucha

Read Amy’s Kid Lit Village interview here!

Prize 9: Picture book, COW SAYS MEOW (US Residents only) by Kristi Call

Read Kristi’s Kid Lit Village March 15th interview here!

Kid Lit Village is just beginning to grow and I’d like to thank these authors for contributing prizes for the spring giveaway! You must be over 19 years of age to enter.

Here’s how!

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  2. Tag a friend
  3. Comment on the post (Both WordPress comments and twitter comments count as an entry.)

Each action will get you an entry. You must be 19 years of age or older to win. Winners are selected by random draw. Draw will be held on April 2nd, 2021! Thanks for celebrating spring with us. We hope you’ll continue to stop by on Mondays to learn more about new release picture books coming out this year and get writing tips from published kid lit authors. Good luck to all!

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37 thoughts on “Kid Lit Village Spring Giveaway!

  1. Thank you so much for organising this generous giveaway Cynthia & to everybody who is offering their time and expertise. Happy Spring!


  2. Thank you, Everyone! The giveaway is now closed and I will be announcing the winners tomorrow on Twitter and right here on the blog! I really appreciate everyone’s comments and expressions of appreciation to the authors. Do have a look at their books, request them at your library, add them to your goodreads list, or buy them from your local indie bookstore. So wonderful to be part of the village and to have these wonderful authors joining in the fun. Happy Spring!


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