Kid Lit Village: Bringing Together Children’s Book Creators and Readers

Hello Readers! Did you know the name from last year’s Kid Lit Love blog is changing to Kid Lit Village! And we have this cute new infographic featuring art by Paula Nasmith. I hope you’ll stop by and discover new books this year. Most books will be picture books, both fiction and non-fiction with the occasional board book, early chapter book, or middle grade sprinkled in between.

The name change came with some thought around the direction for the blog and goals for 2021. I really want this blog to become exactly that: a village of children’s book lovers including teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, agents, and editors. Let’s get together and celebrate the awesome literature for children that is coming out this year. I’m hoping you will stop by and support these book creators with your comments, share the books you love and just let them know their work is appreciated. Use the hashtag #KidLitVillage to share posts. Add your likes and comments. Help spread the love for children’s literature around.

Book creators work hard to develop engaging content for children. And they just want to get their books out into the hands of the readers who will appreciate them.

Thank you for stopping by Kid Lit Village this week! I hope you’ll find ways to support these authors any way you can: request their books at the library, share on your social media, add their book to your Goodreads to-read list, or leave them a review.

I hope you’ll come back on Mondays and discover new children’s books being released this year. Sign up for email notifications on the right side of the page. Or sign up for my newsletter.

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