My Story Storm Notebook

Hello Readers! Like many children’s writers, I am participating in Tara Lazar’s Story Storm for the month of January. What is Story Storm, you ask? It is an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for your children’s books, either fiction or non-fiction. During the month of January, there are daily blog posts to read and spark your ideas. All you need is a notebook to write them in and you are good to go! The idea is by the end of the month you will have at least 30 fresh new story ideas.

Are you a lover of notebooks, like me? I have so many, filled with my random thoughts and scribblings. Story ideas, lists and so much more. Here’s hoping some of these seeds of ideas will grow into books one day. I have no doubt that with the number of writers participating, there WILL be some awesome books coming forth from this 30 day experience. Cheers to new and wonderful stories for all!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

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I am a preschool teacher/music teacher who loves to take photos and write stories in her spare time. My dream is to become a published author. Follow my journey as I work towards turning my dream into a reality.

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