Nature Preschool October Update

Hello Readers! I’m happy to give you a little update from our nature preschool program. We’re out on adventures every day and we know that we cannot duplicate the opportunities that nature provides us with outdoors.

What boggles my mind is the amount of money and resources that can be spent on creating a playground when nature offers us many of the same opportunities without spending the big bucks. I know not everyone has access to natural spaces like these but I do hope these spaces can be preserved and appreciated for all the things they offer, not just to the creatures living in the habitat but also to the people who visit them.

Let me introduce you to one of our favourite play spots ‘the slug tree.’

The Slug Tree

Some of the things children like to do are climb the tree and jump off. They learn turn taking and patience.

Children pile up leaves and jump into piles. Sometimes we bring rakes for them.

Children collect sticks and build pretend camp fires. They mix up dirt and water to make mud.

Children search for insects under rocks and logs. The forest gives us so many treasures.

It is a great pleasure to witness the joy that children get from playing in nature.

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