Kid Lit Love: Updates

Hello Readers! I wanted to update you on the Kid Lit Love blog series, which really got rolling this year to feature new release picture books and children’s books in general with author interviews for you to enjoy. My goal for the series is to introduce you to new books and their authors and illustrators, plus give you a little behind the scenes insights as to what goes into the making of a book, which is A LOT more than you might first imagine. There are usually some great tips for children’s writers and illustrators as well from people who have had success with getting books published and I hope for aspiring children’s book writers and illustrators that the posts have been and will continue to be helpful to you.

Monster, Jazz goes for a twilight sail.

I want you to know, that these posts WILL continue, although not quite as frequently over the next months. Being back at work full time gives me a little less time for blog posts. Monday is still the day to look for posts and I will get them to you as often as I can. For now, I’m leaving you with a cute little monster, drawn by Paula Nasmith who is responsible for the illustrations and collaborated with me on both KATIE SHAEFFER PANCAKE MAKER and THE LULLABY MONSTERS.

Hallowe’en is coming, so it is a great time to pick up a copy of The Lullaby Monsters and try out my recipe for monster cookies!

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