Wednesday’s Inspiration: Happiness

Being raised by a Mom who struggled with depression, I often wondered about happiness. How do people find it? I like this answer. It is more about your own attitude than what you live with.

I’ve talked with people who have witnessed this while visiting very poor communities. Sometimes the children living in the greatest poverty are the happiest, in part because they don’t know what they might be missing out on.

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Inspiration: Happiness

  1. Sometimes people in poverty are the happiest not due to the ignorance of the world beyond but due the fulfilment of the world within. As rightly said – happiness too is a state of mind.


  2. Thank you for this post, Cynthia. I too grew up with a mother who suffered from depression and was bipolar. And, I have traveled and worked with children living in poverty in many countries and have marveled at their joyful attitudes. My little grandchildren (3 and 4 years old) live very simple lives in Nicaragua and are so content.


    1. Claire, thanks for your comments. I would say that witnessing children’s joy brings me happiness and that’s one of the reasons I like teaching preschool so much.


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