Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m happy to share a couple of recent reviews of THE LULLABY MONSTERS for you here. If you are looking for a solid early chapter book for your child, who is a beginning reader, this is a great choice! It also works as a read aloud for younger children. In larger format, librarians and teachers will be able to read to a class.

Kelsey and Thomas must not let those mischief-making monsters get away with their lullaby box. Join them on their adventures!


Ashley D, Reviewer

Last updated on 13 Jul 2020

My Recommendation

A cute story about missing lullabies and monsters. A fun bed time story for kids! The artwork is simple and cute and the story is short and sweet.  


 Carissa T, Reviewer

This is a fantastic story with clear easy-to-understand language that makes a great book for children to read on their own! The story is fun and interesting. The illustrations were wonderful and fun! I received an advanced review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

 Alyssa B, Librarian

Oh those rascally little monsters…I want to see what happens next. Cute story, loved all the repetition between Thomas and the little monsters.

 Mayu P, Reviewer

Such a cute and beautiful story. And the illustrations are just so adorable and sweet, they are sure to charm young readers. If you’re a parent who wants to buy a book that has beautiful illustrations and very lucid language that is apt for a child. This is the one for you.

Beckee C, Reviewer

Me and my son (6) read this together, and together we came up with the resting. For me, personally, the story was a bit flat. However, remembering its target audience, asked my son what he thought and he loved it. He found it easy to read, the sentences were nice, easy and not too complex and he loved the repition. Overall, easy 4* from us.

 Colleen S, Reviewer

Monsters are always a good start to a children’s book. Especially when they are a cute and a little mischievous. These monsters were delightful. The story was cute and short and the illustrations were colorful and kept my child’s (3) attention.

THE LULLABY MONSTERS is an early chapter book, great for early readers ages 5-8!

You can order the book now through Indiebound!

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