Did You Have a Problem Ordering THE LULLABY MONSTERS?

Hello to my 2.5 Readers! I’m doing this post because THE LULLABY MONSTERS has been showing up as ‘currently unavailable’ on Amazon.com this week… which is my release week. YIKES!

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Live and Learn

I got tipped off and discovered the problem, which was that my Canadian pricing was rejected by Ingram Spark. All I had to do was change the book price by 1 penny and voila! Problem solved. I have no idea why it is so finicky but live and learn, I guess.

It still shows as unavailable on Amazon.ca but Canadians can order through Amazon.com and it will ship to Canada. They’re saying only 3-5 days! Yay for that! I’m hopefully that by July 10th it will show as available in Canada as well as it takes about 5 days for the new pricing to take effect.

If you’ve had any problems ordering, please let me know! Local people, I’m waiting for my box to be delivered but you’ll be able to buy them from me soon.


And you can enter my giveaway to win 3 fabulous new children’s books including THE LULLABY MONSTERS up until July 15th. Can’t wait to send out the prize package to the lucky winner!


  1. aeiwrites says:

    Oh man, I’m so sorry you had that problem! That’s crazy!!!

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    1. cynthiahm says:

      Crazy…yes! It is all fixed now though AND the Canadian Amazon website has the book available too! Kind of like a false start. All I can do is laugh.

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