Happy Book Birthday: The Lullaby Monsters with a Summer Reading Giveaway!

Happy Book Birthday !!

THE LULLABY MONSTERS written by me and illustrated by Paula Nasmith, is now available for you to order. And to celebrate, I’m doing a summer reading giveaway! You’ll receive these 3 books plus THE LULLABY MONSTERS book swag:

Here’s how to enter. Simply leave a comment on this post between June 30 and July 14. You can receive an extra entry by retweeting the post on Twitter and by tagging a friend. You must be over 19 years to win. Winner chosen by random draw. Contest closes July 14 at midnight, Pacific time. Winners will be contacted within 7 days and announced here on the blog!

THE LULLABY MONSTERS is great for children who love a little suspense and are just beginning to read/listen to longer stories. It is produced in a larger format to make it easier to read to a group of children so it will be an excellent addition to your classroom or library.

Spoiler alert: These monsters love to read!

Meet the Characters

Left to right: Kelsey and Thomas; Flon (on ball); Edwin (starry background); Gunther (with ice cream cone); Trixie (on tricycle); Jazz (in paper boat); Brio (with puffy clouds)


In this night time adventure, Kelsey is always her brother’s hero. She bravely helps with lost teddy bears, scraped knees, and favourite picnic foods. But when Thomas can’t sleep because of the lullaby monsters, Kelsey isn’t sure she can help.  Then Thomas’ precious lullaby box is stolen and Kelsey must face her monstrous fear. In doing so, she discovers that the lullaby monsters are a lot like Thomas.

This book a hybrid between an early chapter book and a picture book and will appeal to those who love Frog and Toad, Charlie and Mouse, or Jack and Annie (Magic Treehouse). Divided into 6 short chapters, it is ideal for children aged 5-8 years who want a slightly longer read-aloud story or are beginning to read for themselves. If your child enjoys ghost stories with a dash of suspense, this will be for them.

Release date: June 30, 2020

How to order:

Go to Indiebound to find a local independent bookstore. Request the book through them. You’ll be supporting a local business at a critical time! Or choose from the list below.

Getting the word out about a new book is challenging for indie authors, so feel free to share this post! Or add the book to your Goodreads list. Requesting it at your library helps too.

Did I mention how much I love book reviews? If you loved the book and you get the chance, I would love it if you could post a review of the book on Goodreads or Amazon. In fact, I will be your new best friend!

Thank you! Have a wonderful day and maybe go and have a piece of cake to celebrate with me. I’d love that.

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