One More Day Until Book Release: The Lullaby Monsters

Hi Guys! This is it…just one more day until the book release. Thanks for stopping by and getting the back story on each character. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them before your book arrives. If you have a favourite, please tell me in the comments.

Meet Kelsey!

  • Name: Kelsey (means fierce and brave)
  • Age: 8 years
  • Birthplace: Fern-wood
  • Hobby: Magic tricks
  • Greatest Fear: Monsters
  • Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
  • Favorite Lullaby: Goodnight Thomas because I sing it every night and Thomas loves it so much.

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THE LULLABY MONSTERS by Cynthia Mackey and Paula Nasmith


In this night time adventure, Kelsey is always her brother’s hero. She bravely helps with lost teddy bears, scraped knees, and favourite picnic foods. But when Thomas can’t sleep because of the lullaby monsters, Kelsey isn’t sure she can help.  Then Thomas’ precious lullaby box is stolen and Kelsey must face her monstrous fear. In doing so, she discovers that the lullaby monsters are a lot like Thomas.

This book a hybrid between an early chapter book and a picture book and will appeal to those who love Frog and Toad, Charlie and Mouse, or Jack and Annie (Magic Treehouse). Divided into 6 short chapters, it is ideal for children aged 5-8 years who want a slightly longer read-aloud story or are beginning to read for themselves. If your child enjoys ghost stories with a dash of suspense, this will be for them.

Release date: June 2020

I’m also excited for tomorrow because that’s when the giveaway opens and you can enter to win a copy plus two more awesome picture books to go with it, plus book swag. Come by tomorrow to see all the prizes! Leave a comment and you just might win:) Have a wonderful day!

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