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Hello and Happy Monday! Welcome to Kid Lit Love, a blog series where a new release children’s book is featured every week. Today we have two guests, Lisa Rogers, author of HOUND WON’T GO and Meg Ishihara, illustrator of the same book! I had the pleasure of attending their Zoom virtual book launch…what fun! HOUND WON’T GO is published by Albert Whitman & Company. What I particularly love about this book is the word choice for young beginning readers. What a fun story for learning to read!



Out for a walk on a cloudy day, Hound suddenly decides that he’s gone far enough…right in the middle of a busy intersection! His owner tugs on his leash and offers treat after treat, but Hound won’t go. Then those clouds open up into a thunderstorm—and Hound goes and goes. Short, bouncy text and a sweet ending make this the perfect story for all who love dogs, even at their most stubborn.

I’m pleased to have Lisa Rogers as a guest on the blog today. We were able to connect through Justin Colon’s #PBChat. Welcome, Lisa Rogers, author of HOUND WON’T GO!

Tell us about the inspiration for your book.
This book was inspired by my stubborn yet endearing, smart yet goofy, Treeing Walker Coonhound. He’s a big, 90 lb baby and I’m crazy about him!

He has his own mind and what he wants pretty much goes! We got him after our smart, obedient, and loving Dalmatian died and we were so, so sad. Tucker made us laugh with his silly antics, unique personality and booming bay–ah-woooooooo! He’ll suddenly stop while walking and refuse to move because he has a different destination in mind, or lie down on someone’s lawn because he’s ready for a tiny nap, or who knows what? Our family motto is “Expect the Unexpected.”

One day as we were nearing an intersection, I worried that he might want to go a different route and would plop right in the middle of the street– the famous Plop O’Doom of which he is a master. I can’t pick him up and he just kind of goes boneless, so it’s impossible to move him!

“Uh oh. Hound won’t go” popped into my mind, and I started playing with the idea that became this picture book! It’s fantastic that Meg totally got Hound and his sweetness (and that definite stubborn streak)!

Share a piece of advice for children’s writers.

Less is more–much more. It’s not just a low word count that you’re after, it’s an economy of thought.

I’ll pass along this piece of advice that did not start with me, but is so crucial: Tell the story to yourself, then tell it to others. I learned when I was a journalist that there are so many different ways to write a story, and the first way you try is not always the best way. 

Write out all those marvelous facts and thoughts that you have for your story. Then pull back and focus on the heart of the story. That heart usually comes to me while I’m out running or walking Tucker, or first thing in the morning when I do a kind of meditation while the coffee’s brewing and before Tucker starts howling for his walk!

What part of being a writer do you love most? 

I was just allowed back into my school to pack up. At the beginning of the year my fourth-graders and I each wrote a goal for the year. I happened to find mine: “I want to bring kindness and caring to the world through my teaching and books.” For me it’s all about sharing the wonder of stories with readers, and through that, a window into other worlds.

Thank you, Lisa.

And I’m pleased to have Meg Ishihara as a guest today. Welcome, Meg Ishihara, illustrator of HOUND WON’T GO!

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