The Lullaby Monsters are Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome! This is an exciting day for me as I just received a positive progress update from my editor and book designer. My early chapter book, THE LULLABY MONSTERS, is so close to the finished product! We are only one month away from the Book Birthday!

We felt the book needed more artwork and we were able to get some gorgeous new images done including some extras for stickers and book plates! So now if you sign up for Cindy’s Book News, you will find out how to receive a book plate like this one. While supplies last.

Book Plate Sticker 2 x 3 inches

THE LULLABY MONSTERS is an early chapter book designed for children ages 5-8 years. It will appeal greatly to children who love the suspense of a ghost story and who are ready for a story a bit longer than a typical picture book.

For those of you familiar with the FROG AND TOAD series by Arnold Lobel, this book has similar short chapters with smaller images throughout. The difference is that I’ve made the book larger so that if you are reading the book aloud to a group of children, it will be easier for them to see the artwork in the larger format. It is closer in size to CHARLIE AND MOUSE by Laurel Snyder and could be described as a picture book/chapter book hybrid.


The book was originally titled KELSEY AND THOMAS MEET THE LULLABY MONSTERS but that felt too long. Still, the book features sister/brother duo, Kelsey and Thomas as well as the Lullaby Monsters.

THE LULLABY MONSTERS with Kelsey and Thomas by Cynthia Mackey and Paula Nasmith


In this night time adventure, big sister Kelsey is always her brother’s hero. She bravely helps with lost teddy bears, scraped knees, and favourite picnic foods. When Thomas can’t sleep because of the lullaby monsters, Kelsey isn’t sure she can help. Then Thomas’ precious lullaby box is stolen, Kelsey must face her monstrous fear, and in doing so, she discovers the lullaby monsters are a lot like Thomas.

Thanks for stopping by! Get ready for a countdown to release and a giveaway coming up in June and July. Get the back story on all the characters!

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