Seven Reasons Why Early Years Teachers Deserve Your Appreciation

May is Child Care Month so I’d like to take a moment to shine a light on the important work that Early Years Teachers are doing all over the world. Early Childhood Educators provide both the education and care for very young children AND opportunities for their parents to join the workforce. Here’s why they deserve your appreciation.

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  1. Early Childhood Educators require passion for the work they do. Sure the children are cute but caring for them is more than simply having fun. It requires supporting them in order that they reach developmental milestones.
  2. It requires huge amounts of patience and a sense of humour to care for a group of children day after day.
  3. Early Childhood Educators need to adapt their teaching techniques to the individual children and doing so requires creativity.
  4. Being a good communicator is critical. Early Years Teachers need to break information down into understandable pieces in a way that is understandable for a young child. Sometimes this requires sign language or use of visuals. It is also critical to be able to communicate with their parents regarding their daily experiences and general development.
  5. The work also requires great amounts of flexibility as no amount of planning can prepare for a day with young children where unexpected events can happen at any moment.
  6. Early Childhood Educators need the ability to understand and accept diversity as children come from many different home environments, have different backgrounds and learning styles.
  7. Early Childhood Educators are trained in child development and teaching techniques that are successful for young children. Many of them have a University degree in Child Development. They are able to support young children’s critical first experiences in school to set them up for a lifetime of success. This is the foundation on which all future education is built.
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I’ve heard it said that a society can be measured by the manner in which it treats its youngest citizens. We need to value our Early Childhood Educators who are given the task of educating these tiny humans.

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