Five Great Nature Resources for Teachers

We know that getting children outside is beneficial for their healthy growth and development. And going outside is one of the activities that is not cancelled due to the coronavirus. So if your a parent looking to keep your children entertained during a school break, these are for you as well

Here are five resource links for educators who want to spend time in nature with children. If you’re a parent looking to keep your children entertained during a school break, these are for you as well. These have a particular focus for British Columbia; however, some of the information will be applicable anywhere. The best way to connect with the natural world is simply to spend time outdoors.

You don’t really need anything except your own curiosity and the appropriate clothing.

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific Gardens, Victoria, B.C.
  1. Nature Canada has some downloadable resources here including nature scavenger hunts!
  2. Check out the David Suzuki Foundation for more resources for teachers and parents.
  3. Life in the Leaf Litter ID card, for identifying small insects and other tiny creatures.
  4. Saplings Outdoor Program has more resources including links for where to get great outdoor gear for preschoolers.
  5. Fresh Air Learning has a host of resources including books, songs with links to recordings, emergency and first aid kits, and nature games.

What activities do you enjoy outdoors in your community? Feel free to share in the comments!

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