Cover Reveal!

Drumroll please…. time for the cover reveal of our illustrated early chapter book titled the Lullaby Monsters coming in 2020!

THE LULLABY MONSTERS by Cynthia Mackey and Paula Nasmith

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Synopsis: In this night time adventure, big sister Kelsey is always her brother’s hero. She bravely helps with lost teddy bears, scraped knees and favourite picnic foods. But when Thomas cannot sleep because of the lullaby monsters, Kelsey isn’t sure if she can help. Then Thomas’ precious lullaby box is stolen and Kelsey must face her monstrous fear. In doing so, she discovers that the lullaby monsters are a lot like Thomas.

Illustrations in progress by Paula Nasmith

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” -Joseph Campbell

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    1. Thank you so much, Norah! Since you read the story it has been through many changes and revisions. And I’ve really listened to feedback on making the story more age appropriate and balanced things so that the monsters are more cute than scary 🙂 What I love about it is that instead of featuring siblings who fight, we have siblings who have a great relationship and really love and care for one another.

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