Back to School Blog Giveaway! Coming Soon!

Greetings and welcome to my blog!  I wanted to let you all know I’m in the planning stages for my next blog/facebook giveaway.  It has been too long since the last one 🙂

I’m working on the prizes right now and what they ought to be.  You can expect a picture book or two in the package, that’s for sure.  But what else?  Hmm… an Amazon gift card might be a pretty good prize.

Do you have ideas for prizes? Ha! Silly question.  I’m sorry, I am unable to give you a trip for two to Paris.  C’est impossible!  I’ll think on it some more…

Hey, here’s a thought…any teachers of preschool/kindergarten looking for some amazing activity ideas based on some amazing picture books? How about a set of story stretchers to go with my amazing picture book giveaways.  Now that would be awesome for back to school!

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  1. Norah says:

    I think picture books are always wonderful prizes, Cynthia. Story stretchers sounds like a good idea too. Best wishes for success with your giveaway.

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    1. cynthiahm says:

      Norah, thanks for your feedback. I’ll post the prizes and the dates for the giveaway next weekend !!

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      1. Norah says:

        Exciting! I assume it will only be for N. American entrants. Could you offer a PDF of lessons ideas internationally?

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      2. cynthiahm says:

        Yes! I will do that for sure!!

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