Kid Lit Love: Spork by Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault

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Since I have a great appreciation for book reviews, I’m on a mission to post one picture book review each month (weekly over the summer months) of a book I love.  All the picture books I review in 2018 from this point forward will be the books of 12×12 members or have a Canadian connection.  I hope to help you discover some great new picture books. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

I was excited to read SPORK for a couple of reasons.

1. It is published by KIDS CAN PRESS

2. The title intrigued me right away since I’ve noticed that whenever a child brings a spork to school, he/she is usually very proud of it, recognizing it as unique and different somehow.


Spork gets ignored when it comes time to set the table.  He is not a spoon or a fork but something in between.  After trying to change himself to become more valued, he finds that he does have a place on the table after all.  There are so many mixed race families with parents from two different nationalities; this book helps children understand the feelings that may come from not fitting in.  In the end, Spork discovers he has a very important purpose, just like all the utensils in the kitchen.  He may be in the minority, but he is still important.

I loved the message and the metaphors.  I love the image with the spork staring into the toaster to view his reflection.  His cheeks are a little red showing the shame and embarrassment that can come along with being different.  I’m not sure if children will like the black and white illustrations but I certainly did.  I loved the page full of utensils of no matching kind.  Children will be drawn to this as they seem to love tools of any kind.  I can see the kid appeal with this book and plan to read it to my class when school gets back in the fall.

What picture books are you reading this summer?


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