Hello and Welcome!

I’m happy you’re here.  I hope you’ll take some time to pour a cup of tea or a nice cool glass of lemonade or whatever you fancy.  Then I hope you’ll spend a few moments reading.


I’m an early childhood educator, a picture book writer and a music teacher.  I do my best to juggle all three.  I love writing about child development, parenting, learning through play, my own growth as a writer, picture books, music and music education, active play, nature programs for children, and did I mention picture books?

Here’s my plan for this blog over the next couple of months. (In the fall you’ll get more early childhood related posts.)

  1. Three posts per week
  2. Mondays: sharing a little about me (this is a challenge since I’m an introvert but I am going to try)
  3. Wednesdays: writing updates (this is where I outline projects I’m currently working on and tell you about my process)
  4. Fridays: picture book reviews from 12×12 authors, Canadian writers, and other great books I’ve discovered.

I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!  And leave me some comments too.  Are you a parent? a writer? a teacher?  Then I think you’ll be interested in what you find here.

Have an awesome day!

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I am a preschool teacher/music teacher who loves to take photos and write stories in her spare time. My dream is to become a published author. Follow my journey as I work towards turning my dream into a reality.

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