Kid Lit Love: Sam and Jump by Jennifer K. Mann

Hello Readers and Lovers of Picture Books!

Since I have a newfound appreciation for book reviews, I’m on a mission to post one picture book review each month of a book I love.  All the picture books I review in 2018 from this point forward will be the books of 12×12 members! Reality being what it is, life has gotten in the way of my goal but without further adieu, here is my featured picture book for June: Sam and Jump by Jennifer K. Mann.  

If I had to describe Jennifer K. Mann’s picture book, Sam and Jump in just one word it would be…adorable!9780763679477

Sam and Jump tells the story of a little boy, Sam and his treasured stuffed bunny named Jump.  In very few words, the story accurately portrays the special relationship between a young child and his or her most favourite toy.  Jump is not just a toy, Jump is a friend and when Jump gets left behind, Sam has a very difficult night being separated from his beloved friend.  At the same time, the story features a new friendship Sam develops with another little boy.  The story is of kindness, of overcoming challenges, of friendship, inclusiveness, and just plain fun.  

I’m often looking for appropriate and yet interesting books to read to my 2-3 year olds that will still be interesting for the older 4 and 5 year olds in my preschool class.  This picture book fits the bill perfectly.  I find it to be a relatable story that all children can enjoy.  It holds their interest all the way through to a satisfying ending.

Published by Candlewick  May 10, 2016


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