Raise a Reader Tip #7

Welcome to my “Raise a Reader” series where I share tips for encouraging early literacy.

Tip #7: Try writing some dictated stories for your preschooler.  After all the daily stories you’ve been reading, your child may have a story of his/her own.  It does not need to be a full story.  Just write down their ideas for them and read it back to them.  Then pass their story on to other people who can read it to them.

If your child doesn’t have story ideas, try writing dictated lists or letters.  Help them get the idea that writing and reading is all about communication.  If they have an idea they want to communicate, write it down. For example: “This is my lego castle.  Please keep it together so I can show it to Grandma this weekend.”  Look for opportunities to help your child communicate in writing and see the benefits of written communication.

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