Raise a Reader Tip #3

Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy.  Check back for a new tip each week!

Tip #3: Let your child see you reading.

It could be a book or a magazine but make sure your child sees that you like reading. When your kids are playing on the floor, sit down with something to read.  If your child is old enough you can take the opportunity to explain about the difference between reading aloud and reading silently in your head.  This probably goes without saying but reading on your phone doesn’t count.  Role modelling is a most powerful teacher so if your children see that you like reading, they will get the idea that reading is a worthwhile pursuit.



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3 thoughts on “Raise a Reader Tip #3

  1. Another very important tip, Cindy. We need to show children that we are readers too, and that we read for a whole range of purposes in a wide range of situations.


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