Raise a Reader Series Tip #2

Welcome to my raise a reader series where I share tips on encouraging early literacy!  Check back weekly for my next tip.

Tip #2 Start your reading routine early in your child’s life.

The most important years to set your reading routine are the first six years of life.  You can start when your child is a baby snuggling in your lap.  Board books work great for babies.  Let your baby hold it and explore how the pages turn.  Talk about the pictures in the book.  Don’t feel you need to read every word.  Make it a cozy time that your baby enjoys.  A very short time is okay as long as you do it daily!

And if your baby is already a toddler or preschooler… that’s okay! Start now.  It is never too late.  If your child is in elementary school…start now!  There’s still time 🙂

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