Raise a Reader Series: Tip #1


Welcome to my Raise a Reader series where I share tips on encouraging your young child to get into reading!  Stop by weekly for simple tips.

Tip #1 Make reading part of your routine.

It doesn’t matter when but make it part of your day.  Every day.  You could do this first thing in the morning.  My daughter used to love to get in bed with us every morning for a few minutes.  This was the perfect opportunity to read a book.  She was still a little sleepy and not quite ready to be on the go.

Bed time, bath time, right after breakfast or lunch….any time can be your regular reading time if you stick with the routine.  For awhile, just before dinner was book time for my four year old, who learned to work the CD player and could listen to a story on his own while I made dinner each day.

So, pick a time of day and stick with it.  Read every day.

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