Summer Reading Challenge Week 3

Happy summer and welcome to my #PBHOT62 picture book challenge update!  I joined this Summer Reading Challenge  hosted by Rena Traxel.  By the end of the summer I will have read 62 picture books (maybe more) in a variety of interesting places.  Here’s my list of all the picture books and fun places I’ve been reading this week:

  1. Read someplace blue. (my blue chair). Blue Whale Blues by Peter Carnavas. (Book #15) Imagine a whale who wants to ride a bicycle only it turns out that bicycle is actually a shopping cart.  Cute.  How will he go for a ride?  What will he do when he finds out it isn’t really a bike?IMG_4942

2. Read someplace calm. (fountain). Where the Giant Sleeps by Mem Fox and Vladimir Radunsky.  (Book #16) You cannot go wrong with Mem Fox.IMG_4956

3. Read someplace high. (2nd story window) Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Marc Barnett and Jon Klassen.  ( Book #17) This book reminds me of my childhood and I love the story in pictures that happens alongside the text.  Brilliant.IMG_5052

4. Read someplace odd (my car) If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano and Erin E. Stead.  (Book #18) This book was so poetic that I even took a photo of one of the pages of text because I loved the writing so much 🙂IMG_5026IMG_5027

5. Read someplace sunny. (my patio) How to Draw a Dragon by Douglas Florian  (Book #19)1442473991

6. Read someplace fancy (piano).  Lulu’s Piano Lesson by Arlene Alda (Book #20)IMG_4946

7. Read someplace inspired by Penny’s books (my kitchen…A Cooked Up Fairy Tale by Penny Parker Klostermann) Tiptoe Joe by Ginger Foglesong Gibson and Laura Ranking. (Book #21)


It has been tons of fun to do all this reading research and I’m looking forward to the next batch of seven books as well as the next week of places to read in Rena’s Challenge. There are so many wonderful picture books out there!  What are you reading this week? Picture books? Romance? Thriller?  Feel free to share. 

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